Our Quest for Fine Detail by Elizabeth P. Mathews, Ph.D.

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Our Quest for Fine Detail by Elizabeth P. Mathews, Ph.D.

By: Elizabeth P. Mathews, Ph.D.

About the Book

Throughout history, man has sought to have a clearer and closer look at the objects around him, especially those found in nature. In Our Quest for Fine Detail, Elizabeth P. Mathews  gives readers a detailed history of man’s experimentation with magnification, from the use of transparent stones to early models of spectacles to the current advanced microscopes. Mathews’s love of microscopy is a benefit for readers who want a detailed look at its history.

About the Author

Elizabeth P. Mathews received a Ph.D. in physiology and anatomy at the University of California-Berkely. She was one of the first scientists to be introduced to the electron microscope. Fascinated by the microscope’s possibilities, Mathews has spent the past several decades in search of the finest details that microscopes can provide.

(2017, Paperback, 206 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review