One Last Swim - eBook

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One Last Swim

By: RL Monsheimer


About the Book

John’s life is one marked by obstacles. Even his parents, before he was born, were faced with the obstacle of overcoming their different religious backgrounds—Roman Catholic and Conservative Judaism—to get married and start a life. In school, John longs to pursue his passion for swimming, but his parents think his dream is silly and wish he would focus more on getting better grades and less time on some Olympic medal pipe dream. When a significant injury threatens his swimming career, John must decide to give up his goals or keep moving forward, defying everyone’s expectations of what he can accomplish.


About the Author

RL Monsheimer is a native of Silver Spring, MD. He was a college swimmer and academic athlete, and later became a CPA after graduating. Monsheimer coaches’ personal development and leadership as a hobby. He and his wife have two children together. He a resident currently of Delaware having lived most of his life in Silver Spring, MD.  


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review