On The Edge and Bended

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On The Edge and Bended

by Lisa Aldre


Three years have passed since Brent Farrows found his sister, Bernadette, dead in her bed. It was thought to be an accident, but when the coroner’s report shows up and states that she was murdered, Brent must look elsewhere for answers. To Vavi (his mother’s ex-husband) the answer is clear; it was Brent who killed Bernadette. But is it possible Vavi is seeking to hurt Brent because of his own guilt? Emotionally distraught, Brent becomes obsessed with revenge.

               In walks Allison, a woman who is the spitting image of his dead twin sister. Turning his world upside down, Brent must now determine how to proceed with his love affair with Allison without violating Bernadette’s “rest in peace” and not be mistaken for having an incestuous affair.

               Caught in between a love affair and figuring out who murdered Bernadette, can Brent discover the truth? Or should some things be better left undiscovered?


About the Author

Lisa Aldre has several years experience as an Administrative Assistant. She has also published many poems with the National Library of Poetry. Her hobbies are playing the guitar and piano and developing heartfelt stories. Aldre has one previously published book, Where We Have Been.


(2021, paperback, 198 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review