Observations on Oldness: Fun and Uplifting - eBook

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Observations on Oldness

By: Connie Ann Lovell


About the Book

Getting old can often be a confusing time, where emotions run high because you are no longer “young” and able to do “young” things. However, there is plenty to look forward to as you grow old, and Connie Ann Lovell reminds you that you can find the fun in being old no matter the situation!

Join Connie as she takes you on her journey of oldness, and shows you the fun and humor in “old issues” like styling thinning hair, being unable to eat as much as you would like, and the beauty of not being able to see well (a dirty house, that is.) Observations on Oldness also includes heartwarming stories from the author’s time as a nurse and teaching piano.


About the Author

Growing up, Connie Ann Lovell was always interested in all things related to oldness and becoming old. Though she had always found the topic entertaining and educational, when she became old, herself, it became “even more shocking and fun and character-building!” Lovell says that she has always enjoyed thinking about being old, and now, writing about it!

Observations on Oldness tells Lovell’s story as both a young woman and her experiences as she has aged and became old. Join Lovell as she explains how she has faced life’s challenges, and developed an “even richer source of material to draw from and write about and marvel at!”


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review