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C. Nolan Boles

At the height of her wealth and fame, Opal Wilson suddenly vanishes with nary a trace. In an instant, her lover, the closest of her friends, fans, and the police are thrust in a frantic search to find even the slightest of clues to ascertain the fate of the world-renowned celebrity.

In O-Minus by C. Nolan Boles, we come face to face with people whose lives are almost inexorably intertwined with the others, from sharing a past that is defined by abuses and often verging on depravity.

As is known about people emerging from such backgrounds, there are always those seed of issues that, no matter how far youve gone in your life, cling and persistently demand to be addressed.

Hence, O-Minus is a portal, even an invitation, for us to tread closely with the characters as they deal with such issues.

About the Author

C. Nolan Boles attended Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee before he launched into professional life as a paint-finishing engineer. He also worked as the managing editor of a local minority newspaper and is now a radio talk show host. He now lives in Youngstown, Ohio with his wife of twenty-five years and still collects political editorial articlesa hobby he started back in 1970.

(2012, paperback, 266 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review