Norman the Kindergarten Cow - eBook

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Norman the Kindergarten Cow

By: Susan Benjamin


About the Book

Norman lives in Mrs. B.’s classroom. He even has his own little bed! He is one very happy cow! Mrs. B. and Norman love to welcome all the new kindergarten students into the classroom at the start of each year.

Inspired by a true story from author Susan Benjamin’s own kindergarten classroom, Norman the Kindergarten Cow shows the importance of making new students feel welcome and secure on their first day of school.

About the Author

Susan Benjamin taught elementary school for thirty years and has also worked as an educational consultant where she traveled to many states to share her ideas. Her husband taught physical education in the same school, and together they coached women’s gymnastics. She and her husband have two sons, one daughter, three granddaughters, and one grandson, as well as three pups whom they love. She enjoys skiing, walking, and kayaking.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review