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No Country No Home: A Family’s Exodus and Homecoming

By Trudy Carlson


About the Book


Spanning three generations, this book recounts the story of a real German family who endured WWII, overcame poverty, and embraced an opportunity to come to a new country. Sadly, after surviving one of the most horrific events of world history, generations of decent, hardworking German people were affected by a societal prejudice and distrust for their culture. Nevertheless, their story exemplifies the resilience and perseverance of the human spirit.


A compilation of personal histories, the book recounts the journeys of individual family members, often in their own words, and it proves that the struggles and victories of our ancestors can impact generations to come.


About the Author


In the past forty years, Trudy Walter Carlson has been an avid gardener and has owned and operated several businesses, including a current growing greenhouse and retail operation at her home. Trudy has been married for thirty-two years and raised three boys who are all grown and have their own families now.


Trudy spent the last twenty years working on family history and gathering information from family members. While it was never her "dream" to write a book, her friends’ interest in the information she accumulated encouraged her to do so. Trudy’s hobbies are reading, reading, and more reading.



(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review