Nightmare in the Woods

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by Becca Anglen Sheila Summers is not looking forward to her annual camping trip with her father during spring break. But she knows how important the event is to him, so she agrees to go. During their walk along a nature trail, however, she and her father are separated. Adjusting to her situation and not knowing how long she might have to be without her father, Sheila cleverly lives off of berries and water from a spring when the food in her backpack is gone. When she finds riddles that lead her to an old deserted cabin, she also meets Robert, a boy living in the woods who ran away from his foster parents. Sheila discovers a newfound friendship with Robert, and together they swim, hunt for food, and enjoy the beauty and quietness of nature. But what will happen when Sheila finds her dad and has to leave Robert? And will she even find her dad? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Becca Anglen is eleven years old. She was born in Columbia, Missouri, and now resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her parents and three younger siblings. She loves sports (especially softball and volleyball), spending time in the woods and reading fiction. Becca writes poetry as well as short stories. She is very grateful to everyone who helped her write this book. ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR Christian McKeown is eleven years old. He was born in Sheffield, England, and moved to the United States with his family at age two. He has one older brother, three younger brothers, and two younger sisters. He is in the fifth grade at St. Brendans School in Mexico, Missouri. Christian loves birds, especially owls, and he enjoys reading about them, drawing them, and even making papier-mch sculptures. His favorite sport is soccer; he plays on a team with two of his brothers, and his best position is right wing (like David Beckham). (2007, paperback, 36 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review