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By: Robert E. Ford, Jr.

About the Book

Based on the author’s real-life experiences during – and after – the Viet Nam War, Nightmare follows enlisted man Jack Butler on a mission into dangerous territory, with enemy fighters on the move. Despite the reckless actions of an inexperienced “cherry” lieutenant, Staff Sergeant Butler tries desperately against the odds to accomplish the mission and keep his men alive. As the enemy closes in, Butler and his platoon risk their lives and show exemplary bravery to accomplish their task.

But, as with so many veterans from that conflict, Butler is tortured by nightmares of his experiences. Nightmare is an honest portrayal from a soldier who lived it, offering insight and understanding into the lives of the men who had their boots on the ground.

About the Author

Robert E. Ford, Jr. was raised in an Irish Catholic working-class family in Union County, New Jersey. Like Sgt. Butler in Nightmare, he was enrolled in college before an unforeseen circumstance landed him on academic probation and he received his draft card. To avoid infantry, Ford enlisted to join Army Intelligence and was deployed to Viet Nam in April 1969, volunteering to extend his term to serve a second tour. After numerous setbacks due to his veteran status, he eventually became an investigative aide in the IRS Intelligence Division and retired in 2004.

Ford has a step-son and a daughter, as well as two white German Shepherds. He is an avid reader.


(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review