Nicky Owl and Mommy Owl - eBook

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Nicky Owl and Mommy Owl

by Mary C. Gonzalez


Nicky Owl and Mommy Owl is about helping others. It exemplifies the rewards from accepting new people into your world. From the book, readers can hopefully see that even though it may be scary to offer help, especially when you don’t feel like you have much to offer, it can be more than worth taking that risk.


About the Author

Mary C. Gonzalez is a married mother of three children, ages twenty-three, seventeen, and four. She and her wonderful husband have been together since 1995, and their kids are the joy of their life.

            Mary is a nurse practitioner, dually certified in family and emergency practice. She plays guitar and is learning piano. She loves reading to her children and making up stories.


(2022, eBook)





(No reviews yet) Write a Review