Nala Sky: My Siberian Husky - eBook

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Nala Sky: My Siberian Husky - eBook

Nala Sky: My Siberian Husky

By: Mosezella Williams and D’Kaydon Dames

About the Book

When a family decides to adopt a young Siberian Husky and name her Nala Sky, they face the many challenges that come with an energetic and sometimes troublesome dog. The family learns about the depth of love and responsibility that come with dog ownership. Young D’Kaydon realizes hidden lessons of courage, humility, responsibility and how sometimes the biggest act of love is knowing how to let go.


About the Author

Mosezella Williams is an author who graduated from Martin County High School in 1978. In 2003, Mosezella was given the Woman of Opportunity award. In 2009, she graduated with honors from Indiana River State College with an Associate’s Degree in Human Services.


Mosezella is the youngest of seven children, the mother of three daughters and grandmother of seven. She loves dogs, cats and enjoys photography, writing and art and crafts. She is a community activist and member of the Black Women Roundtable (BWA) and the Secretary of the Martin County Democratic Black Caucus.


D’Kaydon Dames (a.k.a. D’K) is one of Mosezella’s six grandsons. He is the oldest of three sons and attends Hobe Sound Elementary School. He attends Banner Lake After School Time (BLAST). He likes dogs, but the challenge of keeping Nala Sky taught him that they are a lot of responsibility and require a lot of work.


(2019, eBook)