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My Wild Life:

By: Kenneth Gregory Johnson

About the Book

In My Wild Life: From Bears, Panthers, Pandas to People, Kenneth Gregory Johnson writes about his extraordinary experiences with wildlife, wild living, people, traveling, and studying endangered species in wilderness habitat. To read a firsthand account of the beauty and behavior of wildlife is a rare opportunity that encompasses our interconnected existence. The book gives a prioritized strategy to manage habitat that will sustain our shared resources and leave a world of healing, hope, and peace for future generations. A folksy account of growing up and now living in the Southern Appalachians provides insights into an often and needlessly maligned hillbilly sub-culture. His personal experiences are accompanied by photos, maps, illustrations, and haiku. Johnson’s book is of interest to field scientists and the general public. Friendships with Chinese colleagues and a physician who spent 27 years in prison allowed adoption of the first Chinese child by foreigners in mainland China.


About the Author

Kenneth Gregory Johnson, a Certified Wildlife Ecologist and naturalist has 38 publications on 11 species of wildlife, including field research and photos in National Geographic, National Parks, and at Cornell University Press. He studied black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; giant pandas, red pandas, Asiatic leopards, and black bears in China; panthers in South Florida; and livestock in Tennessee. His zealous field career eventually evolved into the realization that people and human nature are just as important as wildlife, wilderness, and natural resources. He retired from university research in 2014 to a second career as an emerging writer and wilderness, wildlife, education, and children’s advocate.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review