My Poetic Life: (Finding Poetry in the Trials and Tribulations of Life)

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My Poetic Life (Finding Poetry in the Trials and Tribulations of Life)
by Sylvia L. Wisner Molina

About the Book

Relishing the days of her youth, Sylvia Molina recounts the long series of unfortunate events that characterizes her life right after leaving the United States Postal Service.

Stumbling into odd jobs, she and her husband struggle to make ends, while keeping her longstanding dream of owning her own restaurant business and building their own house.

Their lives take a sudden good turn, until they finally manage to operate their own food business, while taking their dreams to a new level with the acquisition of a 130-acre land. When they take up an offer to move to the city, however, their lives takes another dive, putting on hold all the things that they have been working for at that point.

My Poetic Life by Sylvia L. Wisner Molina, as expressed in her poems, echoes her way of capturing the passion to reclaim peace even in a life beset by trials and tribulations.

About the Author

Sylvia started writing poetry when she was a small child, to show her feelings and strong love toward family members, combining them into stories she wanted to express and give them a reason to smile, to hope for the best. Aside from writing poetry, her other hobbies include cooking, dancing, listening to good music, and horseback riding.

(2013, Paperback, 54 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review