My Little Bird (PB)

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My Little Bird (PB)

My Little Bird

By: Theresa H. Kulla-Klink

About the Book

My Little Bird is a nonfiction experience from Theresa H. Kulla-Klink about her life before, during, and after WWII. The most interesting parts of this book are summed up in one word: LIFE. This is her long life experience, which includes the ups and downs of life.

            May Theresa’s messages in My Little Bird inspire and remind you to never give up in life.


About the Author


Since she was a child, Theresa H. Kulla-Klink’s desire was always to write about experiences that could one day help others, especially during the time of WWII. Although still young during this time, she tried to help people in need such as distributing food and shelter. As time passed, her hobbies changed to hoping and traveling the world. Her other interests include visiting museums, arts, and cultural centers.

(2021, paperback, 702 pages)

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