My Life: How I Overcame Stress, Depression, and Communication Breakdowns

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My Life: How I Overcame Stress, Depression, and Communication Breakdowns
by Jacob R. Staring

How does one suffer from manic depression? Can someone defeat the agony of having to deal with all the changes brought by this sickness? What is the role played by the people around in times like this?

In My Life: How I Overcame Stress, Depression, and Communication Breakdowns, Jacob Staring relates the real story behind his struggles in overcoming stress, depression, and communication breakdown. For thirty-three years, Staring underwent psychiatric treatments in several hospitals. His manifestation of the illness started when he had a breakdown because of a failed marriage. Through continued medication and follow-up checkups with his doctor, he was able to get cured physically and psychologically. The biggest parts in his entire healing process were those people, his family and friends, who stood by him at all times.

Staring found refuge through music, writing, and strengthening his faith in God. His illness did not hinder him from being the Lords servant, who always does good for other people. In life, even if people may encounter tremendous affliction, a spiritual and righteous everyday way of living is the cure to their soul and mind.

About the Author

Jacob Starings battle against mental illness and depression inspired him to write this book. Through this work, he hopes to encourage individuals who are dealing with the same ordeal he had been through. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, where he spends his time with family, friends, and playing musical instruments.

(2011, paperback, 58 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review