My Life and Times: Story of a Kenyan American

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My Life and Times: Story of a Kenyan American
by James Butt

My Life and Times: Story of a Kenyan-American by James J. Butt is the unique mixture of an intriguing autobiography about a Kenyan-born man who has lived through many life-altering experiences on what was once known as the 'Dark Continent.' From a young age, he knew his destiny lay in a life in the United States, and he continuously worked very hard, became educated, and struggled with bureaucratic 'red tape' for a opportunity to pursue the 'American Dream.'

What makes this work so distinctive is the author's ability to seamlessly combine his own life experiences with those of the world occurring simultaneously. This content is not only a fascinating read from an autobiographical aspect, but his recounting of chronological events gives the reader the chance to take his or her own trip down 'Memory Lane' by recalling what was occurring in his or her life at the time these historical milestones were taking place. This is a means to absorb not only national, but international history in an entertaining way.

About the Author

Born in the British Colony of Kenya in 1940, the author's family emmigrated from Kashmir, during the British Raj, in the hope of escaping poverty. The son of uneducated parents, he desired to break with family tradition and seek other role models. He believed that education was the key and worked through difficulties to achieve his goals for college degrees, hoping they would lead him to the life he sought.

He was able to receive some of his education/work experience in the United States, and experienced the 'Civil Rights Movement' up close, coming to some new realizations. To quote the author: " I truly believe that education is the answer, for people to recognize the differences and, to a greater extent, the similarities that exist among peopleregardless of race and colorwe should celebrate our differences and learn from them."

James J. Butt has been quite successful in the food industry, residing in Hanover, PA.

(2014, Paperback, 320 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review