My Journey: A Pathway to Recovery - eBook

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My Journey: A Pathway to Recovery 

By: Oliver W. Joyner 


About the Book

My Journey: A Pathway to Recovery invites the reader to journey with the author into a path of honesty, self-examination, and reflection. The purpose is to enable the reader to mirror themselves through the writer’s personal experiences and realizing that there is a path out of the darkness of abuse, neglect, and addiction that leads to God’s marvelous light of life and love.
Transparency is what makes the story interesting. Throughout the land, men, women, boys, girls, young, old, rich, poor, white, and black are silently suffering from the pains, hurts, and disappointments that they constantly have. For so many, the thought of this only happening to them, continues to keep them confined to a spiritual, mental, and physical imprisonment. It is the author’s hope that his story in its transparency grants the reader permission to unlock the secret doors of their suffering.

About the Author

Oliver W. Joyner is an ordained Baptist minister and has been sober for thirty-two years. He is a former mental health worker at First Hospital Corporation in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a former after-care (drug/alcohol) facilitator at New Beginning, Serenity Lodge in Chesapeake, Virginia, a former Sunday School Teacher and Youth Minister, and an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Joyner has been married for fifteen years. He has three sons and two step-daughters, one grandchild, and four step-grandchildren.

(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review