My Experience at 36000 Feet and the UFO Enigma Solved

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My Experience at 36000 Feet and the UFO Enigma Solved
by Ari Ben Gordon

Ari Ben Gordon created this intriguing and informative work as part of an energizing and healing process he incorporated while wrestling with and attempting to make sense of the events he has experienced.

This autobiography should inspire others to be forthcoming in sharing their thoughts and lifes experiences without fear of denigration. There is much to be learned about generations past and the wonders they left behind, however, more importantly, about future possibilities in the Universe beyond.

About the Author

Ari Ben Gordon is a native of California and is currently employed as a food manager for Safeway in Great Falls, Virginia, where he has resided for the last nineteen years.

He is single and has an A. S. degree from Aims Community College in Greely, Colorado, and his interests include travel and UFO research.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review