My Down Syndrome Boy

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My Down Syndrome Boy

By: Leila V. Nunes


About the Book

A mother shares her story of raising a child with Down Syndrome, and though different, in more ways than one—being a Brazilian immigrant and there being a language barrier—the young man is accepted into the family and is treated like any of the other children. That even with the language barrier and difficulties the caring, love, and patience always brings out a positive attitude in these children. Parents should treat their Down Syndrome child the same way they would treat any other person because this will allow them to be independent and live a more normal life.


About the Author

Leila V. Nunes’s hobbies include reading, baking, and long walks. She has a special interest in literature. Nunes has two kids in college. Her family is from Brazil, and she currently lives in Massachusetts. She works at a preschool and has an associate’s degree in early

childhood education.

(2023, paperback, 28 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review