My Dear Sweet -eBook

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My Dear Sweet
By: Jaycee Jaye

About the Book

Remi is a troubled girl with a dark past and an even darker secret. When she comes face to face with her demon, she finds refuge in the most unlikely of people, Liam, the popular son of an influential and wealthy businessman. While finding her inner peace, she also finds something much deeper and learns she is not the only one hiding from their past. While Liam tries to save Remi, she finds herself saving him.


About the Author

Jaycee Jaye is a country girl from the Midwest. She grew up on her family’s farm near a tiny town in South Dakota and started writing when she was a child. She began with poems and then developed songs and short stories before moving on to novels. Currently, she resides in a small town in rural Nebraska with her family.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review