My Broken Words: I Told You So - eBook

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My Broken Words: I Told You So

By: Hermann Arnaud Tchety


About the Book

This artwork called My Broken Words is Hermann Arnaud Tchety’s first project. This book is a sum of poetry with psalms similar to David the king.

Hermann’s whole life have been such a challenge. He never saw himself to be great; even if he was so in these poems, he went against his influencers. That single belief that always tells Hermann, “You will never be,” and yes, he became. That’s why it took years for him to accomplish such a great work. He told himself he would be a better writer than Tupac, his idol, and he is sure today that rose that will grow from concrete.


About the Author

Hermann Arnaud Tchety is a native born in West Africa. The learning process was a difficult thing for him. He speaks three languages but can only read and write one out of those three languages. He learned to read and speak English when he came to United States at the age of 11, so he basically learned between the ages of 12 and 13. He loves to cook, loves music, and loves Bassa boi dance style. Thanks, freestyle.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review