My Body

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by Shaundalon L. Hasty Child molestation continues to be a tremendous and growing problem plaguing the children and families of today. Chances are you know someone who was molested as child or who has a child who has been molested, usually by a trusted family member or family friend. The main problem is that our children are afraid to speak up and tell what is being done to them. It is with the purpose of encouraging children, especially the young ones who are at the greatest risk, to speak up when someone touches them improperly that Shaundalon Hasty penned My Body. Using clever illustrations and gentle and clear but firm language, she explains to children that certain parts of their bodies should never be touched by anyone but themselves and what to do if someone violates this sacrosanct rule or makes them uncomfortable. Easy to understand yet entertaining, My Body is a vital part of any familys bookshelf as parents struggle to teach youngsters to protect themselves. About the Author: The parent of two childrenFashaun and Preshusalong with her husband, Famus, Ms. Hasty is a financial analyst with the FDIC.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review