Moy Vrag Moy Drug

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Moy Vrag Moy Drug

My Enemy My Friend

By: Mitch Seflin

About the Book

My life as a private investigator consumed twelve to eighteen hours a day, 7 days a week, digging trash cans, P-gagging neighbors, and conducting video surveillance out of an old Dodge panel van that had a front windshield, a rear window, no side doors, no side windows. In the van, there was a Thermos full of coffee, a metal ice chest with food and water. Sometimes I was stuck living out of the van trying to make sure that I stay awake, stay quiet, have enough cigars and coffee to make it through the night. If I got lucky, I might end up in a posh hotel room surround by voluptuous women on a domestic stakeout ordering room service and greasing the palm of the concierge so they will be available for me day and night. But know this, to survive the streets, you better know your friends from your enemies.


About the Author

Mitch Seflin has spent twenty-two years as a field private investigator, a career that involved an International con artist, FBI, secret service, etc... He lives in southern California. This is Seflin’s first published book.


(2019, Paperback, 272 pages)            


(No reviews yet) Write a Review