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By: Basil Deming


About the Book

How do you impose yourself on another species on another planet for some modest space to assure your survival without engendering massive resistance? This is the question Basil Deming has raised in this novel. After learning that their planet may experience a cataclysmic event, Motherworld explores what options might best assure mutual survival. With the human instinct to protect oneself and the other instinct to help those in need, Deming shows how these can contradict each other in this enticing story.


About the Author

Basil Deming is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam, earned a doctorate in Education, taught at University of Maryland, worked as a Human Resources Manager in the private sector, and worked as a Program Manager in the Federal Government. Deming currently resides in Columbia, Maryland with his wife, RoseMarie.


(2020, Paperback, 204 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review