Momma Knew

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Momma Knew

by Cynthia Hoosier

Deeply rooted in an upbeat, urban setting, Momma Knew tells the story of Angela, a feisty and romantic young woman on her quest to find true love. Along the way, Angela takes care in her approach to dating, careful to never let on what she is truly feeling. After all, Momma said: Never let a man know how you really feel. Will she find what shes looking for in the end?

Momma Knew was written in remembrance of the authors own mother, who would say those same words. Although the story is fictional, Hoosier admits that she, too, had a difficult time following Mommas advice, but after surviving her own experiences, she now finds she appreciates her mothers love and guidance even more and hopes her story inspires her readers to never give up when faced with similar situations.

About the Author:

Throughout her lifetime, Cynthia Hoosier has always enjoyed writing; in particular, poetry has always been her favorite expression. Her writing is deeply rooted in the theme of love and has evolved over the years, based on her own experiences. Born in Yokosuka, Japan, and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Hoosier developed a love for travelling at a young age, a passion that has led her to her current profession as a flight attendant, a position shes held for over 33 years. As a young woman, she attended Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, where she studied Fashion Merchandising and also worked as a model for more than 10 years. Hoosier resides in Louisville, Kentucky, with her family where she continues to pursue her passion for writing.

(2017, Paperback, 88 pages)

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