Misty Flats: A Tale of Sin and Redemption

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Misty Flats: A Tale of Sin and Redemption
by Frank Walton Avery

In the small town of Misty Flats, an area deep in the belly of North Carolina, the Vietnam War has attacked the mind of young Joshua Reynolds. As the county sheriff, and with a loving wife and twin daughters, Joshua should feel like he has the perfect life. Yet, the aftereffects of the war have left him with an addiction to drugs, supplied by his brother, Abe, and severe PTSD.

In a PTSD-induced blackout, he finds his wife missing and soon found dead in an abandoned well. Joshua cannot account, even to himself, where he was the night she was murdered. Did he do it? If so, would anyone believe that he truly doesnt remember? About the Author Frank Walton Avery has a wife, Laura, and three children: Catherine, Christian, and Claire. He is a retired pathologist whose hobbies include tennis and writing. A member of the College of American Pathology and the Governors Club, he was also a member of the North Carolina Medical Society during his time in active practice. His other works include: The Skeleton Ring, My Hope is Built, and Christian Perspectives of Decisions at End of Life.

Although the details of this case are largely fictional, Dr. Avery is familiar with a similar case and place from his time as a medical examiner.

(2013, Paperback, 232 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review