Miracle or Mental Illness - eBook

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Miracle or Mental Illness

By: Shelley J. Madkins

About the Book

Mental illness is something that cannot be ignored in today’s society. Author Shelley J. Madkins hopes that this book will show someone with mental illness how to stay healthy by following their treatment team’s directives. The author’s own experiences with mental illness will enlighten friends and family of those affected by the same obstacles. The book depicts how to detect and react to a family member’s relapse or initial episode.

Madkins was prompted to write this book to help anyone who is a schizophrenic like herself, and written to take a reader deep into the darkness of mental illness.


About the Author

Shelley J. Madkins has four paralegal diplomas. One is an associate’s degree, two are career diplomas and one is a certificate in paralegal studies. Madkins also has two other career diplomas: one in criminal justice and another in bookkeeping/accounting. She is also a few classes away from her bachelor’s degree in legal studies. Madkins is also a published poet.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review