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Michael Pallas: The Mormon Case
by A.D. Sabbah

Michael Pallas, a dashing private investigator, thrives in the pursuit of dangerous criminals and effortlessly conquers the heart of every woman he encounters. But when he is assigned to protect murder witness Dory Thompson, Mike faces his most difficult case yet.

Dory is unlike any woman Mike has ever met. A devout Mormon, Dory is strikingly beautiful and possesses a sharp mind, a pure heart, and an unwavering trust in God’s will for her life. Though Mike does not share Dory’s religious beliefs, his bravery and his fierce intelligence intrigue her.

But protecting Dory’s life soon proves more treacherous than Mike or Dory could ever have imagined. The pair soon finds themselves swept on a journey that forces them to face their fears, their deepest identities, and the role that faith and love play in their lives.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review