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Miami Book
by Mikio Nammoto

Miami Book offers an insightful interpretation of Daniel 11 in the first half of the work, examining the historical and theological underpinnings of the Scripture. The full completion of the interpretation reveals how God has controlled human history through prophecy, particularly as seen in this ancient text. The second half of Miami Book explores the purpose with which God created Earth and its people. Mr. Nammoto asserts that all souls are male angels who have retired, and God is going to give us all remuneration. In Miami Book, he seeks to share this knowledge to allow readers to share in the life in paradise.

About the Author

Mikio Nammoto is a native of Ishikawa, Japan, where he graduated from a technical high school. Now retired, he resides in Florida, where he enjoys inventing and writing. He is also the author of South Book.

(2011, paperback, 154 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review