Messerschmitt: History, with a Twist of Fiction - eBook

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Messerschmitt: History, with a Twist of Fiction

By: L K Tompkins


About the Book

Following Czech Republic’s struggle to liberate itself from Soviet oppression, covert intelligence agent Jack Kirkpatrick travels to Nachod, Czech Republic on a mission to uncover a deadly technology the Russians stole from the Nazis after WWII. There he teams up with the savvy and stunning Eva Fridrich, an mI6 agent connected with Czechoslovakian resistance force “Freedom Radio”. Kirkpatrick’s mission leads him on a winding path ACROSS CONTINENTS AND Europe as he endeavors to uncover this mystery. Messerschmitt is steeped in intrigue and adventure intertwined with true events.


About the Author

L K Tompkins was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and studied at the University of New Mexico. His investigative assignments include numerous journeys across America and many nations around the globe. Tompkins consulted on projects that include technical issues with re-entry from outer space, pipeline permafrost obstacles, underground transportation structural hazards, nautical cargo deployment dilemmas, automobile engine component design and manufacturing, oil field related production improvements, and materials handling solutions. Tompkins and his wife have four children, twelve grandchildren, and a growing number of great grandchildren.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review