Memoir of a Gambian Child - eBook

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Memoir of a Gambian Child - eBook

Memoir of a Gambian Child

By: Sirimang Danjo


About the Book

Growing up in Gambia, Sirimang Danjo’s family suffered from poverty. Sharing his adolescent years with his readers, Danjo proves that poverty is not a crime and one can learn from it and build success. With struggles such has money for lunch and a uniform for school, Danjo’s story is inspiring and shows how much hard work pays off.


About the Author

Sirimang Danjo is part of an organization that has projects to build a hospital in one of the most populated areas where health services are very poor. Currently, they are building a maternity ward with the help of the notary clubs in Portland, Oregon. In his leisure time, Danjo enjoys going to the gym and playing basketball.


(2020, eBook)