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Melodic Visions

by O’Teria D. Mitchell


How do you guide a lost soul in the heart of an emotional forest?


Walking back and forth, passing tree after tree


Using bush after bush,


To hide from the true feelings that have been for so long


At a fork in the road, trying to avoid turning wrong


Confused more or less


                        In her first collection of poetry, O’Teria D. Mitchell expresses her personal journey through powerful prose. When pen touches paper, magic is made, and connection to others through honest and raw poetry is born.


About the Author

O’Teria D. Mitchell has always taken an interest in performing arts. As an introvert, she is not always vocal, but she finds comfort in being a vocalist and musician, and through the pen with her poetry. With all she has experienced, any aid she can provide to others is a blessing. Professionally, she takes her job as a district manager a step further and teaches her staff skills to use in life as well as in the professional setting.


(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review