May Excitement Follow You Everywhere - eBook

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May Excitement Follow You Everywhere

By: James Nibb


About the Book

     The title, “May Excitement Follow You Everywhere,” is an ancient Chinese curse written in Confucian times when peace and tranquility were the norms. These are the adventures of a fuel utilization advisor to power, coal, oil, gas, and biomass companies around the world.

From a low achievement beginning, the author climbed the ladder through narrow squeaks, sexual encounters and getting used to the customs of many different places round the world, becoming an established authority in his own field.

This involved, at times, traveling over the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans every weekend on boring as well as wild flights and even very dangerous flights with equally dangerous situations in the field. The wildest times occurred in Colombia, Germany, Israel, Korea, Philippines, UK, and the USA.

The book is mainly concerned with the interaction between people but includes some technical discussion to aid understanding.

Excitement never ends (unfortunately?).


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review