Matthew-Gift from God: A Life of Unconditional Love

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Matthew-Gift from God: A Life of Unconditional Love
by Sean Haines In 2000, Sean and Debbie Haines received the hardest news a parent could hear. Their three-year-old son Matthew was diagnosed with leukemia. In Matthew-Gift from God: A Life of Unconditional Love, Sean shares the story of how his son bravely fought the disease. Though the cancer finally defeated him in early 2005, it never touched his compassion, fighting spirit, and determination. Through Seans email updates to his inner circle, the reader is taken into the heart of a fathers struggle to have his son live his life to the fullest in spite of the cancer. Striving to find hope through every devastating setback. And finally, coming to grips with the fact the cancer has won and his son has been given a life sentence. This story is about a fathers determination to fill every last minute, every last second of his sons remaining life with love, compassion, and dignity. Matthew-Gift from God: A Life of Unconditional Love is sure to touch the heart of every reader and inspire them in the battles they face on their own journey. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Witnessing his sons bravery, love, and selflessness inspired Sean Haines to bring Matthews story to the rest of the world. He looks to bring a sense of hope and determination to those in need and keep his sons memory alive, inspiring others for generations to come. Sean, born in Massachusetts, resides today in Arizona, with his wife Debbie and his son Christopher. (2006, paperback, 166 pages)