Marijuana: It’s an Herb with an Asterisk

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Marijuana: It’s an Herb with an Asterisk
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Marijuana: Its an Herb with an Asterisk
by Jack Isler MD

Dr. Jack Islers Marijuana: Its an Herb with an Asterisk is an educational and persuasive work about marijuana and why it shouldnt be classified as a Schedule I drug.

This handbook is easy to read while making strong arguments based on personal experience, numerous studies, and scientific research for the reclassification of marijuana. Dr. Isler discusses the history, chemical and biological structure, politics, culture, legality, affects, and applications of marijuana and cannabis to inform readers and dispel inaccurate notions. This book also features how marijuana impacts various facets of our lives, how it canand shouldbe used as medical treatment, and how it can effectively improve our quality of life.

Overall, Dr. Isler shows that marijuana has some excellent qualities as an herb and some qualities that could hurt us if we are unaware of them.

About the Author:

Dr. Jack Isler is a retired ICU physician from Reno, Nevada. He has been using marijuana for over thirty years both recreationally and medicinally. He wants to empower readers, set the record straight, and prove that marijuanas classification as a Schedule I drug should be rectified so it can be accepted as a helpful form of medical treatment with his impressive amount of experience and knowledge.

(2016, Paperback, 178 pages)