MARGIE: My Life with Bipolar - eBook

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Margie: My Life with Bipolar

By Margaret A. Graham

Margie: My Life with Bipolar details the experiences of Margaret A. Graham’s childhood to present day, as she battles with mental illness. Diagnosed with bipolar illness at age 25, Graham’s memoir describes how her faith and proper medication has allowed her to live with this mental illness. Through sharing a variety of anecdotes ranging from humorous to touching and faith-filled, Graham desires to give hope to others who may struggle with mental illness.

About the Author

Margaret A. Graham is a graduate of Hurley Medical Center School of Nursing and Health Enrichment Center for massage therapy. She lives with her husband in Fraser, Michigan, and enjoys reading, walking, hiking, and traveling. Her Catholic faith is still an incredibly important part of her life.

(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review