Man Created God

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Man Created God

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Man Created God
by Harold A. Sell

When Christianitys fundamental principles appear to be lacking, the dogmas of the church seem inadequate, and the Ten Commandments only feel outdated, Man Created God provides alternate answers to conventional beliefs.

Why does the church oppose paganism, yet covertly adhere to many pagan rituals? More importantly, how can a peace-loving God justify thousands of years of slaughter in the Holy Land? Timeless questions, such as the infallibility of God and the dichotomy offree will, are explored through a factual lens, utilizing biblical passages in an effort to discover the inconsistencies inherent in Christianity.

About the Author

Harold A. Sell was a self-employed operator for a repair service station in Pomona, California. He has lived there for forty years. This is his first book.

(2011, paperback, 34 pages)