Lyle's Book of Vanishing Expressions

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Lyle’s Book of Vanishing Expressions

By: Lyle E. Oelfke

About the Book

Lyle’s Book of Vanishing Expressions is a fun book which compiles unique and quirky sayings and thoughts that Lyle E. Oelfke has collected over a long lifetime. He realizes that many of these expressions are not used much anymore and fears that they will disappear from our communal lexicon entirely. With this book, he hopes to share them with future generations and preserve these colorful examples of our culture.


About the Author

Lyle E. Oelfke worked in advertising before he retired. He has been to twenty-one countries and four continents. He has hunted his way through Canada, Argentina, Europe, and Africa. He has fished though most of the U.S. from Alaska to Hawaii, as well as Belize, Europe, and Africa. He also loves to cook and had a restaurant for six years.

                Oelfke has an impressive history of community service, serving as the board chairman for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Fort Worth Area Civic Leaders Association, and Greater Fort Worth Area Community Charities. He is also involved with military charities, the American Red Cross, and his congresswoman’s congressional committee.

                Oelfke is married and has two daughters, two grandsons, and one great-granddaughter.


(2019, Paperback, 46 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review