Luger Remington P.I.

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Luger Remington P.I.

Surviving Eminent Danger

By: Ken Blanton

About the Book

Luger and Mary Lu continue to find themselves with a few bullets remaining and more bad guys appearing. As they start thinking the situation is hopeless, help arrives to save them from the bad guys. Several cases lead them into very dangerous waters and many chances for them to acquire lead poisoning or be eaten by alligators and other dangers around every corner. They repeatedly risk their lives for money as the payment for locating missing people. The lead poisoning is free.


About the Authors

Ken Blanton has written several books and published six total to date.

Three of the works are children’s books and three are novels. This book is the second book of the three book series of Luger Remington - Private Investigator.

Ken is originally from Ohio and now lives on a farm around Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he decided to reside after traveling around the USA working on heavy construction projects. He is an artist as well and designs his book cover artwork for each publication. He attended several colleges and has been involved in creative works most of his life.


(2019, Paperback, 114 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review