Love Deficiency Diseases: Abortions, Addictions, Abuse and Divorce

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Love Deficiency Diseases

By: Lawrence H. Taylor, M.D.


About the Book

More than half of marriages end in divorce. Nearly a million abortions yearly deprive our country and families of the new love that all babies bring. And addictions are a major factor filling our jails and destroying the body-brains and the mind-spirits of this nation’s most precious commodity: our youth.

Love-Deficiency Diseases teaches us that love is a panacea—a cure-all—for addictions, abortions, abuse, and divorce. No pill or prescription has the healing power of love. The more the patient learns of love, its earthly and divine powers, the healthier, happier, and wealthier he will become.


About the Author

Lawrence H. Taylor, M.D., was born in Salt Lake City, under the shadow of the Temple. His M.D. is from the University of California, Irvine. He practiced medicine in Covine, CA, and served as a member of the school board for six years.

Dr. Taylor has a special interest in prevention. His work on love, its endocrinology, and the love hormone oxytocin is changing medical practice. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints after retiring from the medical practice.


(2021, Paperback, 162 pages)


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