Looking Back…But Moving On

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by Joyce Armster Sam and Sarah had a less-than-perfect marriage, but when he walked out on her for no reason at all, she finally realized what a mess her life had become. She turned to the Lord, because she knew He was the only one who could help her. Reading the Word gave Sarah peace and comfort, but when she decided to take Sam back, he repaid her by having an affair. After a series of life-threatening illnesses, Sarah believed Sam would change, but he left her once more. As she continued to study the Bible, she grew stronger, both physically and mentally. Sarah finally made a decision about her future with Sam when the Lord told her, It is me that you need, and not him. When he leaves you, I will always be here for you. Joyce Armster tells a heartwarming and inspiring tale of how Sarah was finally Looking BackBut Moving On. About the Author: Joyce Armster is retired from the United States Air Force and lives in Hampton, Virginia. The mother of one child, Damarcus, and grandmother of Eboni, whom she raised from four days old, she enjoys cooking and quilting. Most important, though, is that she is a born-again believer in God. (2003, paperback, 42 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review