Living With Dementia - eBook

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Living With Dementia

By Bud Brewer



Dementia is becoming more common in today’s world of advancing life expectancy, and many more people are familiar with the experience of watching a loved one slowly be consumed by the condition. Yet when one faces the first sign or symptom of dementia, they suddenly realize that they are not prepared for what is to come. This was how Bud Brewer felt as he watched his wife and lifelong best friend start exhibiting the signs that something was terribly wrong. In this memoir, Brewer recalls his experience loving, observing, coping with, and caring for his wife during her life-changing and life-ending experience of dementia, while also highlighting those joyful and tender moments they shared in their 67 years together.



Bud Brewer was born in the middle of the Great Depression. Brewer joined the military and was stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky before he met and married Dottie. After switching to the private sector, Brewer worked for Dean Witter and Company and Capital Guardian Trust. Dottie and Bud have had five children together.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review