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Little Criminals: Death Before Dishonor

by Beloved S. Allah

Little Criminals: Death Before Dishonor is the gritty true story of a group of young boys who start out as friends and in the end become enemies. The tale walks the reader through the day and life of what it was like growing up in New York as a group of boys who become men, wanting more out of life than what they or their parents had. We should be reminded that no matter what your condition is, a person can change.

About the Author

Beloved S. Allah is a husband, poet, a published author, father, grandfather, CEO of his own commercial cleaning company (Square Janitorial Cleaning, Inc.), a proud Prince Hall Mason, and someone who's very active in his community. He enjoys smoking Champ Millz Cigars and also spending time with his grandchildren, writing, and quality time with his wife, as well as other projects he wishes to publish.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review