Little Cousins Birthdays

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Little Cousins Birthdays

By: Mary Ann Olsen

About the Book

Tensley and Kota have an unbreakable bond that even distance cannot break. When it comes time to celebrate their birthdays, they can’t wait to celebrate together!


About the Author

Author Mary Ann Olsen (pictured right some 20 years ago when the story was first conceived while observing her grandchildren) and her husband, Fred, live in Lancaster, VA. They spend a great deal of time travelling in their motor home.

Prior to publishing her children’s book, Little Cousins Birthdays, Olsen wrote a promotional book on the Apple Blossom Festival held in Winchester, VA, as well as an outdoor spring musical for the festival which she also directed, produced, and taught choreography for over half the dance numbers. There were over 1,400 participants during the last year she produced it.


About the Artist

Dick Couperthwaite, friend and neighbor of the author who also attended the same church, was one of the first composite police artists in the country when serving with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. He designed the commemorative plaque used by the Frederick County, VA, Historical Society to designate historically significant buildings. He passed away in 2013.


(2019, Hardcover, 38 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review