Listen to the Universe

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Listen to the Universe
by Maurine Fergueson

The universe sends us signals that teach, guide, and lead us. All we need are open eyes, a receptive heart, and a willing mind. The universe is our path to God, the world is our school, and our only enemy is frustration.

In this compendium of poems, Maurine Fergueson takes the readers to a whole new perspective of the world, with all its blacks and whites and everything in between.

Born in Utah in 1938, Maurine Ferguesons affinity with poetry is founded on her intense receptiveness to the teachings of the universe. Seeing life through her senses, she understands life as an avenue where one can go on and the world as a path of knowledge.

Maurine Fergueson is also the author of My Attitude, published in 1996.

(2012, paperback, 102 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review