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Lingerie Connections

By: George H. Ellis & Faith Wilson Ellis

About the Book

A collection of original, sensuous, sophisticated, and sexy poems about what romantic lingerie can mean within a loving relationship between a man and a woman. These poems express in words the same intimate feelings that romantic lingerie expresses materially. They are written in a variety of styles to suit a variety of tastes. Some are humorous, most are serious, but all say what many people would most like to say to their special someones about the deepest and most important relationship of their lives. 

  • a celebration of being truly alive
  • a sharing of moral pleasure, intimacy and romance
  • a blend of artistic elements to create beautiful visual and aural effects
  • echoes of great English-language poets, such as Shakespeare and Donne

Special somethings loving couples say with romantic lingerie


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review