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Life on the D^

By: Rory Doan

About the Book

Life on the Rafter D by Rory Doan is a delightful and entertaining book of poetry and prose inspired by the lifestyle of those whose love of animals, hard work, and the ‘great outdoors’ have brought them to work on a ranch—in this case, the Rafter D.

To quote the author, “The first poem in this book…will introduce you to the main cast of characters that you will come to know more intimately as the book progresses. Each poem or short story can stand alone as a complete work, and it will make sense to the reader. However, there are threads woven in and out of each poem and stories that tie them all together with commonalities that link the lives and loves of the individuals in each one to previous ones, and lay groundwork for future ones. You will see through the rough, tough facades of Gus and Lew, Steele, Marve, Irving, and Pete into the tender heart that every cowboy tries to hide.”

The narrator’s story—from beginning to end—takes the reader on an enchanting journey with this cast of characters who, while not related, truly are family.

About the Author

Born in west Texas, Rory Doan now lives in the small town of Kermit, Texas, with her mother and a tribe of rescued cats. Originally working in the medical field, she switched careers and started over as a pet groomer. Her only regret is not having started much earlier!

Rory fell in love with poetry at an early age. The music and cadence attracted her. Her favorite poems are the ones like hers – they draw you in and tell you a story.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review