Life of Abuse to Success: A Child’s Story

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Life of Abuse to Success: A Child’s Story

Life of Abuse to Success: A Child’s Story

By: Walter Paul Lawrence


About the Book

Growing up the whipping boy for a family’s anger can shape you. In Life of Abuse to Success: “A Child’s Story” the reader learns of one boy who came out of years of abusive treatment to find success and happiness in his own life.


About the Author

I wrote this book not to dictate to anyone. It's about what you may do to make changes in your life. Teenagers making responsible choices, mothers to hopefully choose the right relationships;

Dads, grandmother, grandfathers to hopefully set the examples of what is right and what is wrong. My hope is that your future is brighter in time as mine is now. Because of my age now, this is my finale, and the book a catharsis. I am a crossing guard for my county. I control traffic in school zones. It's a challenging experience as most things are.

–Walter Paul Lawrence


(2021, paperback, 30 pages)

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