Life in the Women's Workforce: An Autobiography

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Life in the Women's Workforce: An Autobiography
by Kathy Novik-Layer

Life in the Women's Workforce is an autobiography of Kathy Novik-Layer's experiences in growing up and entering a predominantly male industry.

As a child, the author grew up being bullied and taunted, which made her strong and prompted her to hide her feelings and not give in to physical pain. These events molded someone who was sometimes feared and deemed intimidating by her peers.

At a young age, Kathy learned sports from her grandfather and vehicle repair and restoration from her father. While these skills came easy to her, she promised her father before he passed that she would not pursue a career in the automotive industry; it was considered a 'man's world' and he was worried she would not be treated fairly. However, as life sometimes does, events led her to become an automotive technician, and later the first female Platinum Auto Technician for a major car manufacturer.

The author's desire in writing this book was, not only to entertain, but to make women aware that although there are laws regarding women's rights in the workplace, they are not always followed or enforced. Women must follow through, be strong, and stand up for themselves in instances of discrimination or harassment; otherwise, these problems will continue.

About the Author

A native of Pennsylvania, Kathy Novik-Layer currently resides in Springfield, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Tom, and her mother.

As the first female Platinum Auto Technician for a major car manufacturer, she was also Hybrid Certified, and PA State and Emissions licensed. Novik-Layer is a member of both the Biltmore Who's Who and the Covington Who's Who, and also the International Women's Leadership Association.

Now retired from the auto industry due to injury, when not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs.

(2014, Paperback, 30 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review