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Life in the Great Outdoors
by Larry E. Hart

Life in the Great Outdoors (Trials of a Scoutmaster) is a memoir based on the camping trips of Boy Scout Troop 223 of Des Moines, Iowa. The books has been over twenty years in the making, using the notes of author Larry E. Hart’s various Troop Scribes, other Leaders’ slant on “last weekend’s outing,” and his observances of “what occurred.”

It is a true diary, written as the Scouts went along. There has been little effort to exaggerate or embellish their endeavors at outdoor living.

Life in the Great Outdoors includes remarks and comments made during these times. Readers will relate to how life with teenage boys can be interesting, exciting, and educational for both Scouts and Leaders alike.

About the Author:

Larry E. Hart has lived his entire life in Des Moines, Iowa, except for when he was in the military. Shortly after graduation from high school, he became a United States Navy musician, serving the majority of his enlistment with the Naval Air Command Band in Pensacola, Florida.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review